Thank you to everyone

I am so thankful to many volunteers who worked together to pour hundreds of hours into our campaign reaching out to thousands of households. Andrew Bergman has earned the title “Superman”! I especially appreciate his dedication, encouragement, and zest! I met several new friends and enjoyed talking with those who came to their door to talk about our schools.

The voters of Tigard-Tualatin School District decided that Jill Zurchmeide should continue to represent them on the Board. I congratulated Jill in person this morning (May 18). We ran positive campaigns focusing on how we can help Tigard-Tualatin Schools serve our students better. Our campaigns resulted in many voters giving serious consideration to how our schools operate. I hope our community members will attend Board meetings or volunteer at a neighborhood school so they can experience the joy of education themselves.

My third term on the MITCH Public Charter School Board will conclude on June 30, 2011. If the MITCH Board re-elects me, I will serve my fourth term until June 30, 2013. At that time, I will have reached my term limit for serving on the MITCH Board. I am planning to run for the TTSD Board again in 2013.

I will continue to work with the TTSD Board and serve the students of TTSD, most especially at MITCH Public Charter School, since I am on the Board there. I would like to hear from you and discuss education in TTSD and Oregon; or any other issues.

Let’s keep working for a better tomorrow.

Gordon Fiddes